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How to Make a Triangle in Inkscape

Sep 252015

Triangle, one of the simplest shapes, can be quite frustrating to draw in Inkscape, when you do not know this little simple trick.
Let us see, what the common options are. First, we can use the Bezier tool (Shift+F6) to draw polygon with three vertices. We will get a triangle, but quite irregular. We can define a grid, rectangular or axonometric to guide us in making regular triangle. But that is quite complicated for a common regular triangle.
Now, let us profit from this little trick how to make a regular triangle in Inkscape. The salvation comes in a form of Create stars and polygons tool.


Just set the number of corners to three and you will get a regular triangle in a second. I am using this method regularly when I am creating arrows for diagrams.

Enjoy the triangles!


Making of Miniworlds Isometric Tileset (Part I)

Sep 112015

So, here I am. I have decided to make an isometric tileset. Inkscape can be surprisingly helpful in such an activity. The golden egg is the axonometric grid. Making isometric art in other vector tools (like Corel DRAW) can be really complicated because of missing axonometric grid support.

For an isometric view, I want the angle of 30 degrees.



The next thing I definitely really want, when I am creating a tileset are the guide lines. Diagonal guide lines can be obtained by dragging the mouse from the top-left and bottom-left corner of the rulers.



I have chosen tiles to be two segments in height with light coming from top-front. Sides of the tile will be underground, mainly soil and rock.


Texture is created by random polygons of brighter colors.

So, that concludes the fundamentals of isometric tileset creation in Inkscape. There is a lot of work ahead of me. I am planning roads, trees and bushes, rivers, water channels and ponds, houses, walls, ... going crazy.

Edited 2015/9/25.

Logo of the Month September 2015 - The Autumn Bird

Sep 082015

Early autumn is my favority part of the year because of its colors. I have projected these colors into this month blog logo. But I did not want to make just a brown leaf. I wanted to give the colors a pair of wings to fly around...

So I have started with a simple body, a little bit similar to a swan or maybe a hen. Then I have added a fancy tail and a beak quite similar to one of tucans or similar birds. All simple shapes created by Bezier curves tool in Inkscape (Shift+F6).


Now comes an eye, the peek to the soul of all paintings. The eye is simple in cartoon style as rest of the artwork. Next I have extended the beak by adding a bottom section and finally a wing, so the colors can lift off.


Simple shades are added to the main surfaces: body, wing, and the tail. Now we have something similar to a child bathing duck, minus the color. So, to return a little bit of dignity back to painting, we attach a pair of long legs to the bird.



In the end, the whole bird was created only using the Bezier tool. Mighty tool I have to say.



This vector can be downloaded from



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